Captivating People With Your Store’s Creative Signage

Why haven’t my store signs been reeling in as many customers as I expected? Why are passersby ignoring my masterpiece of signage? These are the dilemmas faced by retail store owners. If you are one of them, don’t be discouraged. It’s not that people hate your signages, it’s just that there is always a better approach – one that makes your store stand out and get potential customers interested. If you want to know how to achieve that, then here is some excellent advice to give you hope:

Come up with a brief yet understandable message.
The attention span of people in this modern world cannot stand being presented with longer pieces of information. Lots of text on your signage will not only make it appear dull, but it also creates the risk of confusing those who read it. Think about what you want the people to know or what you want to advertise, and find a way of compressing it into a short message that will grab the attention of readers and pique their curiosity.

Apply the rules of graphic design
Choosing the right font has a significant impact on the overall appearance and readability of your sign. Don’t forget to abide by the sworn rules of graphic design, such as using not more than three fonts together. Doing that will only make it look messy and harder to read. Apart from that, use the appropriate font size. You can also spice it up by making words you want to emphasize bigger than the rest. For example, if your sign will say ’70 percent off of creased books’ then you can make ’70 percent off’ more significant than the text that follows.

Use the personalized approach
Your sign will appeal more to the public if you can make them feel as though it addresses them directly. You can do this in two steps: find what is most relatable to the local crowd and use the second person keywords ‘you’ and ‘your’.

Make your content either entertaining or moving
People pay more attention when they are either entertained or moved. This does not mean that you have to hire the services of a comedian or an actor to help you come up with content. Ever notice how invested, and crazy people are about memes? That’s because they are funny, easy to remember, relatable, and can be used in different contexts. You can use that and apply a similar approach with your signs. Try to be witty or exciting with your content. It doesn’t have to be utterly hilarious; just a little bit of humor will help people remember. Another approach is to make people feel. Write content that will create a sense of connection or evoke sentimental feelings in people, and you will surely get them hooked.

These are a few tips that you can take into consideration in the hopes of vamping up your signage game. Don’t be afraid to experiment then see what works best for you!