Time Management Tips For Managers

Time Management Tips For Managers

Wasted money is wasted time.

Commitment is a word linked to business. To keep the business flowing smoothly, time management is necessary. It is given that in this industry, there is unending daily tasks, meetings to attend to, and quota to hit and all sorts of things to do.

The manager, as the head of a team, reports to the higher-ups on what is going on in the lower hierarchy. He oversees all the workflows, provides solutions, and manages the whole structure of the team.

Hectic schedules are one of the things that a manager must be ready for when taking the challenge. After all, managers are still individuals and need some personal time too.

Here are some time management tips for the managers in order not to get burnout from hassles in work:

Make a to-do list

This list shall speak of tasks that you need to accomplish. You may not want to miss out details and soon realize it when it became a problem already. In your list, determine the most important down to those topics that require lesser attention, yet. Learn to prioritize things.

You must have a list of the daily, weekly, monthly, or your yearly targets. Make one for the team though so that they will have something to look forward and what to expect in the team. You have to strictly impose a mindset that such list has to be followed precisely and on time.

Delegate Tasks

Delegating tasks to your team based on the job they are hired onto is a big leap. You need to trust them that they are capable and will do the responsibility at the expected time and deadline. No employee wants a micro-manager who will always observe every task they do even in the smallest detail.

You need to trust your workforce and in return, they will build loyalty and respect for you. If you want to monitor the progress of your team, you may implement documents or sheets to fill up through office tools. Besides, through delegation of tasks, you might discover some innate talent and skills in the team.


Now that you have a list to follow and have delegated tasks to your team, it isn’t the time to sit down and relax. Focus on doing the bigger responsibilities assigned to you. For more focused concentration, you may put a “do not disturb” sign outside your office doorknob, this will keep others from disturbing you.

Maintain a Gameplan

One thing that ruins your time management is not having a systematic process. If you have a proper procedure that works for you and the team, it will make your work process more manageable, compared to not having any gameplan at all.

How about meetings? Meetings do not need to take an hour or so. Determine the agenda, the availability, the presenters and attendees in the meeting. Keep it precise, short, and simple. Discuss only the points that are included in the agenda so you can have ample time to do other tasks. Remember, if you can say it in an email, then just mail it.

Proper use of resources and communication

Communication is the key to a good business. There are various office tools available that you and your team can use. You may use your smartphone for calls, text messaging, and even to check your team’s progress through different phone applications. UYou can also use the gift of advanced technology by using cloud-based tools which can give you 24/7 access to all the documents you need, especially when working outside the office.

There are project management tools available online to help you remind of the tasks and meetings you need to attend to. It will help you to communicate and collaborate with your team even outside the office.

Time management isn’t a hard thing to do as long as you keep a normal pace in the process. Brush off the pressure and learn to trust yourself, the team, and your gameplan.