How To Use Content Marketing For Your Business This 2018

How To Use Content Marketing For Your Business This 2018

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that creates and shares online content (videos, blogs and other relevant material).  It does not visibly advertise a brand but aims to stir interest in products or services of the site owner.

Social media and content marketing operate together. Various social media platforms publish and circulate content to target audience. The objective of content marketing is to engage with your audience and let them know that you can meet their needs.

“Medium”, an online publishing site, urges you to know your audience first.

“Find the right environment for your brand and product. Understand who is your customer and come up with creative content, so that this customer will be engaged with you and also motivate others to be engaged with your brand or product.”

Provide value to your audience

As time pass, the dynamics of content marketing and the endeavor to be valuable has advanced dramatically.

“We at no limit we empower ourselves and our partners to create and distribute creative and unique content across the marketing channels they have,” Medium explains.

Instead of being insistent, content marketing remains true to its real intention.  Virtual Measures, a digital marketing authority, reports that in 2018, it has returned to basics.

“The focused remains on forging meaningful connections with humans. We’re about connecting with a human with a specific need at a specific point in their customer journey, and then meeting that need.”

Establishing human connections is the catalyst to reach and get hold of your audience. Virtual Measures believes that this idea influenced how content marketing will succeed or not:

“If our strategies and practices are informed by this simple idea, people are landing on and engaging with our content in a measurable way. They’re subscribing, downloading, clicking through to the next thing, buying in, buying. We push this behavior to better lead our prospects to their customer journey.”

Follow best practices

This principle will help you lead your audience. Virtual Measure reminds you to follow the best content marketing practices:

  • Don’t Sell, Inform

Keep in mind the basic rule of content marketing: “It is not about you.” Your focus is to connect with your audience from the start. Remember that you are not selling or doing conventional marketing. According to Virtual Measures, content marketing strive first to establish your brands as reliable and worth doing business with,”

A Tweeter user, Rand Fishkin, elaborates about it in his tweet,

“The best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, & trust of those who might buy.”

Content marketing provides content that is “educational, answering questions and solving problems.” Selling and non-stop bragging about your products or services instantly discourage your audience to stay longer. You waste your chance to initiate awareness and generate leads from your prospects.

  • Create Content for Target Audiences

Identifying your audience first is another primary rule. Make customized content for a specific audience. Write about the interests, wants and needs. This rule makes sense– it’s easier, more effective and proven to get your audience response.

  • Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Follow the given guidelines to prepare your content. Virtual Measures reminds you to -“Make sure that your content is easy to deliver and discover without sacrificing quality and readability.”

  • Publish Content As Frequent As Possible

Deliver and distribute your content frequently and consistently to produce more positive results. Use a calendar that is easy to follow. Consider your audience, marketing goals and resources when implementing it. If you cannot do it on your own, learn to use some social media tools designed for this function.

  • Share Your Content Strategically

There are different ways to share and distribute your content, such as email, blogs, social media platforms such as Tweeter, LinkedIn , webcasts and webinars.

  • Measure Performance to Improve Your Content

Virtual Measures said that “measuring performance against benchmarks and setting up goals in Google Analytics or whatever data reporting tool you’re using allows you to demonstrate engagement, number of leads, and number of sales.”

Refine your strategy, but stick to your goal

Content marketing is not just a trend that fades; it is undoubtedly here to stay with you while your organization continues to grow and develop. Be persistent to connect with your audience, and follow its basic rules and you will not be lost.

Virtual Measures put it this way, “as you refine your strategy and redefine what successful content looks like to you and your organization, your content will become better and better at reaching and converting humans who have needs because it’ll be meeting their needs in real time.”

What To Include In A Proper Business Plan

What To Include In A Proper Business Plan

A business plan is a written document where objective, target, strategy, finances and other details are elaborated. It acts also as a guide for the business to where it is headed and what it wants to achieve in a couple of years. A help when problems, anticipated or not, arises. The business plan doesn’t necessarily have to be formal and long provided that everything is stated clearly and strategically.

Having no business plans is up for an impending doom. That’s why, it is of paramount importance to create a proper business plan, whether it’s a new venture or an existing one.

An effective business plan should be in this manner:

Executive Analysis

Basically, an executive analysis is an overview of everything you have planned for. It is precise and brief wherein the reader can easily get the idea of the business plan.

Business Description

This is where you will introduce and describe the business or company including its background, how it started and where your business is headed. In short, the vision and mission.

Product and Services Description

What is being offered by your business should be on the Product and Services Description. Give details of the products and services. Master your product and be well versed. Know the ins and outs of your business for success to follow.

Competitive Analysis

According to Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist, “If you know your enemies and yourself, you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles.”. Although he was talking about a real battle per se, it is also applicable in creating your competitive analysis.

Identify and study your toughest competition. Know their strength and weaknesses. Beat your competitors and pounce on their weaknesses. By that, you can create a good strategy to defeat thy enemy in the same market.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Know your target market. By doing this, you could easily position your products to potential business partners and possible customers. You can identify easily on what segment of the market your product suits best and properly target the consumer segment where your product belongs. Plan on how you will generate more sales.

Operation and Management

In this part, you should have a detailed account of how you’ll optimize your logistics and emphasis on the efficiency of your manpower. Show the structure of the company,  your management team, the number of people needed and positions to be filled. Remember that the fate of your business relies on the people running it. Your team should be capable and knowledgeable about the task at hand. They should have a complete grasp of your day to day operation because the efficiency of your company is based on the competency of your employee.


In here, a clear explanation of where your funding will be sourced and where it will be invested should be shown. Explain also what assets you need to acquire and on what part of the business will it be used. For every investment, there should also be a return so don’t forget to include your projected revenue both short and long-term.

Watch this video from Brian Tracy for more info: