10 Tips For Creating An Engaging Office Space On A Budget

10 Tips For Creating An Engaging Office Space On A Budget

Employees usually spend around 40-50 hours or 33% of their waking hours in the workplace. A positive, engaging physical environment dramatically influences their performance, creativity and productivity level. A dreary and dull office place affects mood, thinking ability, focus and adds tremendous stress while working.

These facts strongly prove the necessity of creating a better environment for employees. Office aesthetics are necessary improvements to ensure more productive employees who are responsible for pumping up company profits.

The good news is- you do not need a huge budget to spruce up your office space. Proper planning and the following ten savvy-tips are your vital tools.

Bring nature indoor

Nature is an instant mood booster. Aside from ornamental plants and flowers, the new trend is to incorporate flora and fauna patterns in interior designs which include furniture, fabrics, wood panel installation, living walls or concrete flooring. The cozy, homey vibe allows you to focus more with clarity.

Provide work lounge area

With the advent of the internet and wireless technology, employees can work anywhere within the confines of the workplace. One way is to create lounge area which serves as working and meeting space.

Opt for community workstations

Working becomes more fun with the popularity of community table where employees can easily interact with each other compared to having no interaction at all. It fosters team collaboration and open communication.

Light it up

Natural light from open windows gives refreshing, welcoming feeling which is vital to stress reduction and productivity enhancement. Replacing fluorescent lights with LED adjustable lightings significantly improve workers’ vision and productiveness. It also reduces energy consumption expense.

Use adjustable multi-purpose, hybrid furniture

Project luxury without overspending by selecting vinyl-made connected seats, hybrid filing cabinets with a plush top which can be used as visitor’s chair, mobile pedestal and modular storage which can be easily rearranged or mixed-up with other furniture.

Incorporate quirky, personal accents

Create pieces of art which capture the essence of the company. Transform one bare area into a statement wall, Accessorize it with digital photos, quote, vintage memorabilia or handmade crafts which represent your commitment to the company.

Use colors

A monochromatic environment is dull. Invigorate your spirit by putting touches of colors around your workstation. Organize your documents by colors. Colors enhance workers’ productivity level, creativity and confidence. Blue is believed to bolster concentration while Yellow boosts creative thinking and morale.

Eliminate clutter

Loose wires, cables or cords are eyesores. Hide them and other clutter such as documents, docking stations and personal items by organizing. Use clips or eye hooks to run cables and wires or wrap them with Velcro strips. Eliminate non-essential clutter using drawer or desk organizers and filing cabinets.

Use mirrors to create an illusion of space and light

Place mirror in a strategic area to reflect more light and space. It brightens dark and confined spaces. Aside from aesthetic use, it helps you check your appearance anytime you want.

Do not forget the power of smell

A pleasant, invigorating scent spells a big difference in the workplace. Air freshener won’t cost a lot so make sure to invest in it. According to a study conducted by Takasago Corporation in Japan, typists commit lesser errors. Those who smelled lemon are most efficient, followed by those who smelled jasmine and then lavender.