Signs That It’s Time To Close Up Your Office And Stop Fighting

Signs That It’s Time To Close Up Your Office And Stop Fighting

Starting a business is tough and closing one is even emotionally tougher. As a business owner, we often envision our enterprise to succeed; yet, in life, there’s no guarantee – even in business.

There’s a saying: “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits”. Yes, it is, yet, this isn’t always true. If you are drain emotionally, then perhaps, it’s time for you to call it quits. Seek in your heart, do you really want to continue the business? Your heart always knows what’s right. Try listening to what it says.

Signs showing a need to close the office or business

  • You no longer recognize yourself

Slowly, you’ll notice a sudden change with yourself. You become impatient, you can’t even attend to special occasions that worry your family. You tend to neglect your family because your focus is on how to save your business. You are not the same you before putting up the business.

  • A Lot to deal with

As a business grows a greater the demand for employees. We cannot do all the works by ourselves. We need to find someone to do the job for us or ask for some help. Apparently, not everyone can afford all the necessary workers you need.

  • The excitement is gone

Excitement is what everyone feels in starting up anything, even for a business. Your workload for the day gives a thrill to you. This feeling subsides as you have responsibilities with a lot of work. Exhaustion replaces the excitement over a period of time.

Additional Warnings

  • You are not meeting the annual capital. Failure to fulfil the annual requirements for a number of times is a big no for any business. It is a significant sign to consider in deciding to close the office or business. Don’t wait further as it can lead to financial losses not only professionally, as well as, personally.
  • The business is affecting your health. Feeling tiredness over a long period of time is unhealthy. You don’t want to keep a business that affects your physical health as “health is wealth”. Money is useless if your health deteriorates.
  • The demand for your product is decreasing. You know how important to consider the needs of your customers. The sign of loving your own products more than the customers is a big factor to consider if you have to continue or not. Suggestions and the needs of your customers are helpful, however, failure to meet them will result in losing customers and your business.

These are signs that give us awareness of stopping and closing our business or office. Furthermore, it is what you feel that matters most. If the following signs are showing up on your face, reflect, listen to your heart. “When it comes to forks in the road, your heart always knows the answer, not your mind.” according to @marieforleo. Our hearts sometimes give us the answer, still, facing it is frightening; answers we never wish to receive, however, they are helpful in decision making, even when it comes to business.