Setting Up Your Work Environment for a Happy Workforce

Setting Up Your Work Environment for a Happy Workforce

“In a world that’s constantly evolving and altering the way we work, the traditional office environment is being turned on its head,” accounted by This Week in FM from a newly conducted research study, ‘Life is Better Filtered: Your Working Environment’.

A comfy, pleasant space

“Flexible working, comfortable office spaces, hydration stations, access to outside areas and natural lighting are the key ingredients for a healthy and happy workforce,” the study summarizes.

The arrangement, design and ambience of work surroundings prove to result in higher rate of employee well-being and work productivity.

It says employees tend to be healthful, content and efficient if the place where they stay and work within eight to twelve hours satisfied them.

Not only the built of office space but also how cleanliness and order are maintained enhances the atmosphere of a pleasant working environment. It sets the mood to clear thinking and creativity.

To support this link between employee happiness and productivity, according to This Week in FM, the research accents that “varying temperature conditions, unnatural lighting and not enough drinking water are the biggest aspects of an office environment that affect productivity.”

Considering these recent findings, employers must initiate to organize their workspace as something that helps their employees stay efficient.

Training Zone recommends “to set up a nucleus that will continuously grow. It’s important to set up a culture in the company that will allow it to expand and continuously performs well, and hone talent.”

Office perks

Surprisingly, those little ‘perks’ and ‘freebies’ provided to the employees at the office affect work output and boost employee morale.

Readily available filtered water, coffee and tea

A small pantry with a variant of drinks, some healthy snacks like fruits, nuts and protein bars; plus, personal stuff like coffee mugs and spoons make a fantastic difference.

The same study shows that “available filtered water aside from tap water is seen as an added benefit to employees. Meanwhile, “having high-quality coffee and tea available improves their working day.”

Training Zone agrees to fuel the employees for productivity to keep the workplace healthy and thriving.

Comfortable office space

Organized office materials, clutter-free desks and drawers and clear surfaces and walls create a better place to work. Add fitting furniture like a proper table and chair that won’t be too strenuous to use for long hours.

Check and regulate the temperature inside the office or work area.

Ensure that wires and cables do not disturb employees while working.

Natural lighting

An ideal workspace boasts some natural sunlight as well as some windows. If this is not possible, replace it with a desk lamp or any appropriate artificial lighting.

Flexible working

Training Zone proposes “to set up workflow processes that will help employees find their way and be as productive as possible. Break up their workdays with consistent breaks. An example, use the strategy of working for 25 minutes, then taking a break for 5 minutes. These increases focus and break up the monotony.”

Outdoor meeting spaces

Recent office trends include holding company-related meetings outside the office premises. It helps if the possible locations have breathtaking landscapes and sceneries such as courtyards, rooftops, grass areas, urban terrace and parking lots.

On-site childcare facilities

Easy-to-access child care programs and facilities encourage working parents. It saves their time, increased work focus and improve productivity.

For the overall success of a business

“It’s widely understood that effective working spaces are integral to employee wellbeing and the overall success of a business.”

“Reviewing what employees want from their workplace and identify which facilities and cultural aspects will help improve their wellbeing, increase efficiency and limit distractions,” BRITA Professional concludes, as reported by This Week in FM.