Qualities of Excellent Team Player

Qualities of Excellent Team Player

Robust and excellent players are the foundation of any team. When all else decline, these are the people who accept the task with steadfast courage and perseverance. They are devoted to getting the work done. To become one, be an active member and put the team’s goals above yours, take the initiative and get things done. These build a positive approach and develop powerful connections.

But what are the qualities of an excellent team player?

Self Awareness

It means you know your full capacity, strengths and weaknesses. You know how to manage them and apparently see how you can best contribute. You can handle your emotions and give more attention to them. You understand why you do things the way you do and how you perform.


Being reliable is an extremely critical skill. It is one of the keys to success in life and at work. You need to show your employers and colleagues that you can be trusted. Be a man of action and accountable for what you say. Having this trait complements a wide variety of job achievement.


Being your authentic self at work will allow you to enjoy what you are doing every day. You’ll be confident in your opinions and the work you deliver. Genuineness builds trust and relationships which lead to work satisfaction.


Flexibility has many advantages. You can easily and quickly adapt to changes and challenging situations. It can expand your opportunities, helps you strike a work/life balance and increases productivity.


Empathy is simpler than sympathy. It’s the ability to get involved, relate and understand the experiences and emotions of others. It is the ability to support and accept others with compassion and sensitivity. It plays a significant role in every workplace where co-employees usually deal with breakdown issues, emotional stress and desire to attain excellent outcomes.

Positive Attitude

This helps everyone to finish tasks better and faster. The individual’s accomplishment at work depends on his performance and how good is the relationship he shares with colleagues. A positive attitude motivates a person to overcome obstacles. It reduces stress which has a detrimental effect on health.


Communication at work improves employees productivity, increases job satisfaction, reduces the rate of absenteeism, positively impacts the output and smoothens the operations by lowering and diffusing conflicts.


Being a detail-oriented person means you are paying attention to the minutest details. This trait improves efficiency at work, develops clear and effective communication, and minimizes errors.

No matter how skillful you are, the chances of success will not be high if you are not a great team player especially in today’s multidisciplinary world which is far from the culture of an industrial era where people line up to do a single task all day long. Nowadays, most of the jobs involve communicating with others who do not have the same profession. Thus the ability to perform individually and at the same time with co-workers in great synergy is the key to attaining growth and prosperity.