Legal Requirements For Setting Up An Office

Legal Requirements For Setting Up An Office

Setting up an office is both very exciting and challenging at the same time. Making sure you have absolutely everything you need is quite tricky and it requires careful planning and proper taking into consideration of some important key factors.

To help you set up your office as efficiently as possible, here is an overview of the basic key legal requirements that you need to comply with and understand.

Employment Regulation

If you’re employing staff at your office, you must assure that your employment practices are fair and legal. Legal elements apply to every job, from recruitment to disciplinary methods and including employee rights and people supervision.

These regulations are designed to prevent discriminatory employment practices. Moreover, all employees should sign a contract that states the terms and conditions of their jobs.


Before setting up an office, you should have the necessary knowledge of tax legislation. You should be familiar with federal taxes, state and local taxes. These taxes will vary from state-to-state and are based on your business structure. If you have employees, you are responsible for paying state unemployment taxes.

Health and Safety

One of the most important requirements for setting up an office is to comply with health and safety. Providing a good working environment is undeniably an employer’s responsibility.

Health and safety cover a lot of aspects that include the following:

  • Preventing trips and slips in the office by bringing out frequent risk assessments, training staff, repairing or changing slippery floors and staircase.
  • Fire safety that includes adequate storage of flammable substances, smoke detectors, the provision of fire extinguishers, installation of fire alarms, regular monitoring of any areas and equipment that could cause a fire.
  • Office furniture, equipment, and work environment are critical to health and safety of employees. Working areas should be adequately ventilated and should be kept in suitable temperature ranges. Bathrooms should always be provided and kept clean.
  • Manual handling method. Office staff should be mindful of the proper lifting and handling techniques to prevent injuries and accidents.

Contractual Obligations

Ensure all clauses in the lease or let contract fit the nature of your business before committing to a specific place. There might be some restrictions that tenants are not allowed to make changes or alterations to the premises. Normally, applicable service charges in addition to tenant’s rights and responsibilities are specified in the contract.

Intellectual Property

Most companies today use their logo in online and written communications. If your planning on displaying a logo or other types of brand images in your office, you have to make sure you have registered their trademark. You can do this online by just paying applicable fees. Usually, trademarks validity is ten years, and you can extend it once the period is over.

Obviously, setting up an office is never an easy task. It involves a lot of processes; but just like any project, the better prepared, planning up front and reviewing the tips mentioned in this article can somewhat help you business owners have a less stressful experience and focus on the positive angles of this challenge.