Incorporating Technology in the Recruitment and Hiring Process

Human contact is still a crucial part in one’s career life starting social connections, professional networking, to earned reputation. It should not be undermined, most notably when it is a vital component in the recruitment and hiring process. Nonetheless, it should be noted as well that career developments are made possible all thanks to technology. And with this trend, technology has also been incorporated in the recruitment and hiring process to maximize and streamline the said process.

In the present, technology has been successfully incorporated into online job boards that advertise positions as well as applicant tracking systems. The latter can parse resumes for recruiters and the corresponding HR team. There is now even the use of artificial intelligence and other machine learning tools that assess the employability of applicants. If you want your company to be able to keep up with the latest technology and trends in the recruitment and hiring process, you need to create a well-planned career strategy. What follows are some of the latest technologies incorporated in the process of recruitment and hiring.

One of the most used pieces of technology in the recruitment and hiring process is online job boards. While it is not that new in this modern day and age, it is rich in numbers and is very easy to use. They are interactive websites that do the posting of job descriptions on behalf of the employers. Some of the latest job search engines are Hired and Indeed that look into the web to collect different job postings from various sources.

These sites are very enticing. In appearance, they are akin to job stores that offer a good range of job positions that you can readily pick up while you go shopping. If you are currently seeking a job position, it would be wrong for you to spend most of your hours responding to the job postings you see on the boards. Most of the time, recruiters are just luring you in to get a high commission turnover on their sales jobs. Even so, the use of online job boards is not a complete waste of your precious time. You can also look at decent jobs if you know what to do. Just make sure to spend between ten and twenty percent of the time you spend on job searching using these boards and be careful enough to know which job openings are worth responding to.

Applicant tracking systems, on the other hand, enable recruiters to organize effectively the list of applicants that they have along with the criteria that they have set for the job. For instance are employment history, qualifications, degrees earned, and more. These criteria are beneficial for hiring managers who get to decide which among these candidates they will contact for interviews. If you are planning to stand out as an applicant and secure an interview with a company, you have to know how to prepare your resume. As much as possible, use keyword-rich terms that reflect your knowledge and skills and then fit well with the job descriptions that are posted.

Finally, you have the use of artificial intelligence that makes the decisions associated with hiring. There is the perception that looking into the skills of the candidate is never enough; their personality should also be assessed to determine their compatibility with the job and the employer. And the use of artificial intelligence can be helpful in these aspects of hiring.