Effective Methods to Improve Employee Engagement

If you want to achieve the best results in your business, then you should keep all of your employees well engaged. Employee engagement equals results. It is that simple. If your team is more engaged, you can always expect to achieve better results. Unfortunately, when they are not, then you get poor results.

Meanwhile, results are also what drive engagement. If you work in the TV show industry, for instance, looking at the ratings every week with your team is a good thing. All the sweat and tears are worth it when you have hit the number one spot in your time slot consistently. Seeing the numbers in black and white and seeing yours above the lower numbers of your competition are what makes your team want to keep excelling.

Ratings are not the only thing that engages a team to strive hard. You also have a friendly competition between the staff, the response of your audience, and the joy in doing your job and what you are passionate about. These are just some of the many examples that keep employees engaged.

Nonetheless, knowing the numbers helps you keep track of your current standing in the organization and with your competition. People want to root for the winning team; even so, they want to play for the winning team. If it applies to successful teams, then the same can be said for your team.

However, if you want to keep your team engaged and excited to play for the winning team, you have to let your team members know that you are winning. For them to know this, there are three things that they have to keep in mind.

1. They have to know the goal. When you play basketball, the goal is to put the ball through the net. If you remove the net, what remains are a group of tall people playing with a ball and running around a wooden floor. The net offers the goal or focus. What specific goal does your team have? And when you say specific, ‘doing better’ will just not cut it. You have to specify what you want to do better, how much better you want, and by when.

2. They have to know the measure. Going back to the basketball game example, you now put your focus on the scoreboard. While you see a lot of information in there, at the end of the game, the measure that matters the most is the number of points. For TV shows, the measure that mattered the most was the ratings. In almost all cases, the number is the measure. What is the number that you will be measuring? The number of sales calls per day? The number of units shipped per week? Percentage of revenue increase? In short, figure out your number and ensure that your team sees it easily, quickly, and consistently.

3. They have to know what they measure against. Going back to the basketball game once again, if your team has obtained a score of 45, is it a good score or a bad score? For sure, you have no way of knowing unless of course, you know how many points the other team has. When you have a scoreboard in the workplace that shows that your team has shipped 5,000 widgets for this week, is it a good thing or a bad thing? It depends if the goal was 4,000 widgets or 10,000 widgets. In short, your team has to know at a glance how they are doing against your competition.