Double Sided or Single Sided – Figuring Out Which Banner is For You

What exactly is a double-sided vinyl banner?
Everybody has seen a single sided vinyl banner at least once in their lives. It is amongst the very best ways to advertise conventionally. But alongside it come the double-sided vinyl banners, which as indicated in its name, show your print on both sides of the banner. These can be used for a variety of purposes on a variety of locations. But which one will serve your purpose and desired location best? Find out below.

What is the edge of a double-sided vinyl banner?
• A double-sided vinyl banner will double the opportunity of exposure. Whichever way they are going, people will be able to lay eyes on your banner. Although people deny the fact that marketing stints influence their decisions or spending habits, having your banner repeatedly being seen by potential customers will imprint it on their minds and subconsciously give rise to interest in what you have to offer.
• A double-sided vinyl banner will get your point across. Whether it is an advertisement or an announcement, you are sure to let everyone present in the place understands your message, and more so with certain font size and font color. For example, a banner placed above a rack of clothing will inform customers that all of those items are discounted for a limited time only, enticing them to make their purchase straight away.
• Going for a double-sided vinyl banner gives you endless options of placement locations. A single sided banner will have to be permanently fixed to a wall or a pole as you only need to have one side showing. With a double-sided banner, you can place it in locations you never considered before! Not only that, but you can switch it up every once in a while too.
• Another great advantage to this kind of vinyl banners is having separate messages all on one banner. You can have one message printed on the first side and a completely different one on the opposite side. If you are celebrating your business’ anniversary, you could welcome people to the party on the first side, and show your appreciation for their presence on the back side. This frees you from the limitations of a single sided banner and allows you to get creative.
• Double sided vinyl banners guarantee durability and longer life spans. Since double-sided banners are two single-sided banners placed back-to-back, you can rest assured that they will withstand both indoor and outdoor use for long periods. Apart from that, they are easily cleanable too!

That’s it, folks! So whether you use it to draw customers in with your discounts, or to raise awareness about a cause, or to get a message to the crowd, with double-sided vinyl banners, you’ll be sure that it will be worth every single penny that you pay.